Q: What is the best way to light my space?

A: While every space requires an expert’s insight and willingness to work with you – generally speaking we recommend a layered strategy that mixes complementary, task, ambient, accent and decorative options.

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Q: What is your recommendation for under cabinet lighting?

A: We find the best fit to be LED strip lights that feature low heat, easy to install format, low profile and a lengthy lifespan.

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Q: What are the benefits to dimming?

A: Dimming will increase the life of your incandescent or halogen bulbs, reduce energy consumption and can create mood or task lighting. NOTE: All LED’s have special dimming needs.

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Q: What is the best light for your bathroom?

A: We recommend LED wall sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror featuring casting even, shadowless light with little to no heat or glare.

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Q: Why should I use LED instead of Incandescent?

A: There are quite a few advantages that come with LED lighting including no heat, a solid material and both money and energy consumption savings. Furthermore, LED provides increased functionality such as colour, size and directional options.

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